2021 Orkney County Show Cancelled

After much deliberation, the Orkney Agricultural Society and the Orkney West Mainland Agricultural Society have both decided to cancel their 2021 shows.  This has not been an easy decision but in these unprecedented times, unprecedented decisions must be made.

As we are all too aware, there are 5 protection levels within the Scottish Governments Strategic Framework ranging from 0 to 4. All of these levels require some form of restrictions for show organisers and following on from the Scottish Government’s announcement on Tuesday there are no clear indications of which level anyone will be in by August. Level 0 for example, the lowest level, demands restricted numbers, physical distancing and no non-essential travel.  It is with this in mind that the societies feel that the health of the public, the exhibitors, volunteers, workers and show personnel must come first.  It may be possible for the smaller Orkney shows to hold their events. This decision will be made by them in the future at their own discretion.

We understand this may be disappointing for some, however, please be assured that this decision has not been taken lightly.

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