Rules and Conditions

The undernoted Regulations apply to all Shows organised by Orkney Agricultural Society and apply to all Show Parks within which such Shows are held:-

  1. Members are entitled to entry to show yard without payment. No member shall be admitted unless there is produced a member’s band.
  2. Only members of the society can exhibit, with the exception of those entering “children’s pets” or “open dogs”. Intending exhibitors must submit their entry form to the secretary no later than 23rd July 2022, with details of all stock they intend to exhibit.
  3. No late entries will be accepted.
  4. Mares with Foal at Foot will be judged irrespective of Foals.
  5. Horses and Ponies must wear neck numbers issued and remain in stalls until judging completed.
  6. Stock must be the “bona fide” property of the exhibitor, and in their actual possession within the County for at least six weeks previous to the show, except in the case of Pets, or except in the case of going off the island for medical reasons, breeding purposes or competitions.
  7. To qualify for any breed special prizes, all pedigree livestock must be entered or eligible for entry in their respective breed registers.
  8. Any jointly owned animal must be entered in names of all owners.
  9. Stock must not have any distinguishing mark on them.
  10. All former Cup, Medal and First Prize takers are eligible to compete for money prizes.
  11. All Dairy Cattle to be milked before coming to the show.
  12. Cows must be in milk, or along with Two-year-old Heifers, must produce a calf within nine months of the Show, and Ewes must have fostered lambs this season.
  13. All Pedigree Cattle must be entered, or eligible for entry, in Herd Books.
  14. The Society shall not be liable for any livestock entered into any of the society’s competitions, or otherwise brought into the Bignold Park, Kirkwall, or such other areas of ground adjacent thereto or in proximity thereof and used for such competitions they are so entered or brought entirely at the risk of the owners and exhibitors of such livestock. The society shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage which may be sustained by livestock, nor shall the society bear any liability whatsoever for loss, damage or injury caused to any person or property by such livestock — it is therefore required that every exhibitor has public liability insurance and the Society shall be entitled at any time to demand sight of such policy from each member. In the event of any claim against the society by any person in respect of any claim for loss, injury, damage or other sustained by reason of the presence in the Showyard of livestock introduced by a member, that member shall indemnify the society in respect of any such claim and all expenses connected therewith.
  15. Exhibitors or stockmen must be in attendance on the Stock and must also be ready to lead them into the Judging Ring when required. Each Stockman must have an assistant who will be responsible for taking stock into the Collection Ring when instructed by the Stewards.
  16. No animal can be entered in more than one class except horses, which can be entered in multiple classes.
  17. North Country Cheviot Sheep must not be clipped before 1st March prior to the Show and must be machine clipped.
  18. Sheep tails must be docked according to law.
  19. The violation by an exhibitor of any of the Society’s Rules or Regulations will involve the immediate suspension of the Member as a Member together with forfeiture of all premiums awarded to them. Such member will be reported to the first General Meeting of the Society. The Member shall be entitled to attend that meeting and make representation thereto. If the Meeting determine that there has been a violation, they shall be entitled, in their sole discretion, to prohibit that Member from again entering stock at any future Show of the Society.
  20. Any complaints or protests by exhibitors must be made in writing not later than seven clear days after the show, accompanied by °Ã10 deposit, which will be forfeited if the objection be not upheld. The decision of the Directors of the Society shall be final.
  21. The prizes to be awarded at any of the Shows of the Society shall be regulated by the Society and the Society’s determination/decision shall be final.
  22. Holders of Long Service Medals of the Highland and Agricultural Society will be admitted free to showyard on production of medals.
  23. All stands will be regulated by the Directors of the Society and their decision shall be final.
  24. Each member/exhibitor warrants that the livestock introduced to the showyard by them is fit and healthy and free of infectious disease. The Society shall be entitled at any time: (i) to refuse to allow entry to the Showyard, or (ii) to require immediated removal from the Showyard, of any livestock deemed by an official of the Society or a veterinary practitioner to be a risk to other livestock for any reason whether through health or behaviour.
  25. All members/exhibitors agree, if so required, to produce to the Society a certificate from a recognised veterinary practitioner in respect of any livestock introduced to the showyard by the member/exhibitor and the member/exhibitor agrees, if so required, to submit livestock introduced to the showyard by them for veterinary or other examination and to sign such applications, declarations or other deeds as may reasonably be required by the Society.

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